annuel /a.nɥɛl/   
- adjective m.

annual, yearly

i.e. the french word for annu­al­ly. Every year I will look back and see how well I did, to plan ahead and to adjust where nec­es­sary. With read­ing, run­ning and all the oth­er activ­i­ties to take part in together!

Fur­ther­more, the word is a homonym to the Dutch phrase
“ah, nu wel!”, which rough­ly trans­lates to “ah, now it does!”.
I have uttered these words many times while build­ing this site. It is the thing I am after in life in gen­er­al, since there is noth­ing as reward­ing as fig­ur­ing out how a some­thing (or some­one) works! That type of fas­ci­na­tion that stills the inner hunger for curiosity.

tri­an­gles of perspectives

The six tri­an­gles make up both a hexa­gon and iso­met­ric cube; what you see depends most­ly on unique per­son­al per­spec­tives. Each col­or, three in total, rep­re­sents a dif­fer­ent pil­lar of the site.

First and fore­most, the need to reflect the incom­ing infor­ma­tion. Sec­ond­ly, the need to rejoice in all the beau­ty that life can offer.
Con­clud­ing with the foun­da­tion, the need to recov­er from it all.

Black, white and grey; observ­ing extremes to find their balance.

reflect /ɹɪˈflɛkt/    
- intransitive verb

to think seriously,
to ponder or consider.
rejoice  /ɹɪˈd͡ʒɔɪs/    
- intransitive verb

to be very happy, exult,
be delighted, to feel joy.
recover  /ɹɪˈkʌvə/    
- intransitive verb

to get better, regain one's
health, composure or balance.

intran­si­tive verbs — not tak­ing a direct object; often involve motion, action process­es, cog­ni­tion, sen­sa­tion and emotion

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