ingre­di­ents — may ’20

  • 900g dried chickpeas
  • 300g toast­ed sesame seeds
  • 4L water
  • 10g cumin seeds
  • 10g salt


Rat­ing: 4 out of 5.
  1. soak the chick­peas for 12 hours to reduce boil­ing time
  2. boil the chick­peas in a gal­lon-sized pan with 4L of water
  3. skim off the foam that accu­mu­lates when boil­ing begins
  4. cook the chick­peas between 45 to 90 mins until soft
  5. toast the sesame seeds until gold­en in a sep­a­rate pan 
  6. add sesame and cumin seeds with the salt to main pan
  7. blend the mix­ture until silken smooth, check final flavor

as soon as the hum­mus is ready, rinse the blender quick­ly, before it solid­i­fies and put the fresh hum­mus into containers

a min­i­mum of salt and cumin seeds is includ­ed to allow to mix & match with oth­er fla­vors and ingre­di­ents — add more to taste


an immer­sion blender

  • caramelized onion
  • gar­lic
  • haris­sa
  • man­go
  • za’atar

all-black — sub­sti­tute the chick­peas and sesame seeds for their black vari­ants to make an all-black hum­mus, new zealand-style!

met­ricuscon­ver­sion table
900 g2 lbsdried chick­peas
300 g2 cupstoast­ed sesame seeds 
3 L100 ozwater
10 g2 tbspcumin seeds
10 g2 tspsalt

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