H.I. #136: Dog Bingo Hel­lo Internet 

Grey and Brady dis­cuss: The Mt Doom Edi­tion, Dinosaurs Attack! ran­dom­ness, YouTube videos from beyond the grave, bet­ting on your weight, speedrun­ning, date for­mat­ting, the Space Force logo, and emo­ji. Spon­sors: HelloFresh: tasty recipes & fresh ingre­di­ents deliv­ered to your door — get ten free meals includ­ing ship­ping — go to hellofresh.com/hellointernet10 and use pro­mo code hellointernet10 Audi­ble: the largest selec­tion of audio­books and orig­i­nal audio per­for­mances any­where — start a 30-day tri­al and get 1 audio­book and 2 Audi­ble Orig­i­nals absolute­ly free by sign­ing up at audible.com/hellointernet or text “hel­loin­t­er­net” to 500–500 Dash­lane: pass­word man­ag­er app and secure dig­i­tal wal­let — try Dash­lane here for a free 30 day tri­al: www.dashlane.com/hellointernet (plus, here’s a pro­mo code -> Hel­loIn­t­er­net to get a 10% dis­count for Dash­lane Pre­mi­um) Lis­ten­ers like YOU on Patre­on Show Notes: Dis­cuss this episode on the red­dit Mt Doom Edi­tion Vinyl sup­ply threat­ened Pod­cast Post­cards A Tim and David Allen “I’ve been mur­dered” Aaron Swartz Weight loss wager firms Speedrun­ning Pit­fall 2 Speed Run Doom lev­el speedrun explained House of the Dead Con­fes­sions of a Tetris Addict Unit­ed States Space Force New Emo­ji season 
  1. H.I. #136: Dog Bingo
  2. H.I. #135: Place Your Bets
  3. H.I. #132: Arti­san Water

S3E7: Over de marathon, de fiets en de taart van Jill Holterman Hard­loop­pod­cast De Pacer 

The morn­ing after. We prat­en na over de bij­zon­dere marathon op Twente Air­port. En na een slechte nacht en met de spier­pi­jn in haar benen neemt Jill Holter­man de tele­foon op en probeert er onder­tussen achter te komen wie de afzen­der is van de bezorgde sla­groom­taart. In deze Pac­er dus een mooi gesprek over haar marathon in 2.28.18 en haar plaats­ing voor de Olymp­is­che Spe­len, de keuze om te stop­pen als advo­cate en voor de top­sport te gaan, de lessen van haar diëtist, #takeme­toparis en dur­ven dromen.  Ook luis­teren we naar wat Michel But­ter meteen na de fin­ish te zeggen had en zoomen we in op de com­bi­natie hard­lopen-fiet­sen. Moeten we alle­maal af en toe de race­fi­ets pakken? Sup­port the show: https://krant.nl See omnystudio.com/listener for pri­va­cy information. 
  1. S3E7: Over de marathon, de fiets en de taart van Jill Holterman
  2. S3E6: Alles over de ongek­ende olymp­is­che limietenjacht
  3. S3E5: Onze coach­es, de anek­dotes en de lessen

80: Great Great Great Great The Unmade Podcast 

Tim and Brady dis­cuss new trad­ing cards, more weird­ness from civil­ians, head-to-heads, a Dutch Sofa Shop cov­er, an archi­tec­tur­al Spoon of the Week, a build­ing demo­li­tion, ances­tors, Brady’s con­vict roots, secret words, and a big finale. Go to nordvpn.com/unmade and use code UNMADE to get a 2‑year plan plus 1 addi­tion­al month with a huge dis­count It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day mon­ey-back guar­an­tee. Learn how a VPN works Thanks to Ting Mobile. Bring your phone and get $25 off at unmade.ting.com. Choose Smarter — Choose Ting Mobile Sup­port us on Patre­on — be in the mix for spoons, cards and oth­er stuff Join the dis­cus­sion of this episode on our sub­red­dit USEFUL LINKS Spoon of the Week trad­ing cards at spoon.cards Swim­ming medal tow­el Episode 79 fea­tur­ing things peo­ple do weird­ly The last remain­ing Haran fam­i­ly coathang­er with hang­er cosy Check out many of our Sofa Shop Cov­ers here Bewon­der de Sofa Shop offi­cial merch Pic­tures of Spoon of the Week The Bris­bane Tran­sit Cen­tre Send us a spoon John Warn­er and Sons — mak­ers of the orig­i­nal Big Ben that cracked Tas­ma­nia Some doc­u­ments relat­ing to Mary and Joseph If you enjoyed our finale with De Hein­hond, you can try your own karaoke ver­sion here — music by Alan Stewart 
  1. 80: Great Great Great Great
  2. 79: Big Ben
  3. 78: Squeaky Beach
John Green reviews his­tor­i­cal out­breaks of bubon­ic and pneu­mon­ic plague. The Anthro­pocene Reviewed book will be released on May 18, 2021 and is avail­able for pre­order now. 
  1. Plague
  2. The Anthro­pocene Reviewed, Reviewed
  3. Mor­ti­fi­ca­tion and Civilization