Review: Dit was mijn laat­ste marathon .…., toch?

Dit was mijn laatste marathon ....., toch?
Dit was mijn laat­ste marathon .…., toch? by Ger­ard Legerstee
My rat­ing: 4 of 5 stars

As allud­ed to in my pre­vi­ous review, I fig­ured out a way to copy my notes of the book to my com­put­er. Which will make the process of writ­ing reviews of ebooks a lit­tle eas­i­er in the long run. Talk­ing about long runs, this book was a great sum­ma­ry of the jour­ney into run­ning not all that dis­sim­i­lar to mine. Let me list some of the things in the book that I liked; First, there was the term ‘wild run­ner’, used for a run­ning not affil­i­at­ed with any ath­let­ics club, which amused me quite a lot. Sec­ond­ly, the fact that you can run with any weath­er, except when the road is cov­ered in black ice. Which is very true, because I have ran in all weath­er times and the most dan­ger­ous one was while it was slip­pery as hell. Let me add though that run­ning in the mid­dle of a field with thun­der­ing clouds above is some­thing that also needs to be avoid­ed. Third­ly, the les­son that if your per­sist long enough, even­tu­al­ly you’ll gain the strength and the skill that is required. Fourth­ly, that noth­ing is as frus­trat­ing as see­ing some­one run while you are injured your­self, that is a weird kind of jeal­ousy, that makes me feel super sor­ry for the peo­ple that are per­ma­nent­ly dis­abled. Last­ly, the fact that you need to warm up cold water in your mouth to pre­vent diges­tive issues. I do know that cold wind can play a role in how the bow­els feel, but I nev­er made the con­nec­tion with tem­per­a­ture of the water I con­sume. Luck­i­ly, my run­ning back­pack has a water blad­der that warms up through the heat of my back, so even to the water in the drink­ing tube might cool down out in the cold, it will always be fol­lowed by warmer water. In the end, the book describes the life of an aver­age run­ner and is there­fore maybe more relat­able than the sto­ries of the accom­plished run­ners. The fact the book was writ­ten in Dutch, the exam­ples used were rather famil­iar so that must have helped as well. All in all, an enjoy­able quick read!

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