Review: Flow­ers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon
Flow­ers for Alger­non by Daniel Keyes
My rat­ing: 4 of 5 stars

Flow­ers for Alger­non is the first book that I have read for a book club, and what a great book to start this tra­di­tion with. As this is a book of fic­tion, which I usu­al­ly don’t read, I found this book to be real­ly res­onat­ing with me in mul­ti­ple lev­els and I am impressed by the author’s abil­i­ty to por­tray the tran­si­tion so vivid­ly. Hats off to the nar­ra­tor for mak­ing the changes in char­ac­ter even more pro­nounced! In the end, this books shows once more than being all-round­ed and bal­anced is the thing that will get you along the fur­thest. Ini­tial­ly, I got to know about the book through the episode ‘Flow­ers for Char­lie’, from the It’s Always Sun­ny in Philadel­phia TV-show, which is one of my favourites.

The audio­book ver­sion was bet­ter I believe, but you can’t go wrong with either of the two.

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