Review: Goed volk

Goed volk
Goed volk by Teun van de Keuken
My rat­ing: 4 of 5 stars

Know­ing more about a per­son­’s upbring­ing helps you bet­ter under­stand their per­son­al­i­ties and traits. As an avid watch­er of the pro­grams that the author presents on Dutch tele­vi­sion; ‘Keur­ings­di­enst van Waarde’ and ‘De mon­i­tor’, I would like to know more about the pre­sen­ter’s per­son­al views. in the for­mer pro­gram the goal is most­ly to dis­cov­er the truth behind all the promis­es that the food pack­ages make, while in the lat­ter, a more broad­er and ide­al­is­tic goal is pur­sued, with the help of the sto­ries from every­day peo­ple that write in. All in all, I was sur­prised at how well it was writ­ten, from a lin­guis­tic per­spec­tive, which makes sense know­ing that he read a lot when he grew up, you pick up on a thing or two while you do so, I like to believe. The main top­ic of the book was the rela­tion­ship with his ambi­tious and artis­tic father, which dif­fers huge­ly from my own upbring­ing, as are the time and place of course. I found it to be a worth­while read, with plen­ty of fun­ny and rec­og­niz­able exam­ples. The only thing that was miss­ing for me, was a bridge between his ear­ly past at pri­ma­ry school and how this affect­ed his bond with his dad. For exam­ple, when he became a father him­self and how this might have changed his rela­tion­ship with his own dad. I doubt there will be a sequel.

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