Review: How to Eat

How to Eat
How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh
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After fin­ish­ing the book on the syn­er­gies of medi­a­tion and run­ning (Run­ning with the Mind of Med­i­ta­tion: Lessons for Train­ing Body and Mind), I decid­ed to fol­low up with the syn­er­gies of med­i­ta­tion and eat­ing. The strengths of this book are the ways in which to be focussing on express­ing the grat­i­tude of your every­day meal. At times, my mind can be absorbed by thoughts on food and I have a hard time think­ing of any­thing else. This does­n’t only hap­pen when I am hun­gry, because then it would make sense, but it is like there are par­a­sites in my brain that can only think of food. This book has helped in get­ting a bet­ter atti­tude and rela­tion­ship with my food, but I find the con­tent to be a bit short and dry. Per­haps because every­thing is brought down to the essen­tials, but I would have appre­ci­at­ed some more exam­ples or appli­ca­tions. Over­all, one that might be help­ful to relis­ten, if I ever find I lose touch with my eat­ing habits.

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