Review: Zen and the Art of Disc Golf

Zen and the Art of Disc Golf
Zen and the Art of Disc Golf by Patrick McCormick
My rat­ing: 4 of 5 stars

Appre­ci­at­ed the sim­i­lar­i­ties between play­ing dis­c­golf and being in the here and now; to focus only on the shot you are about to make. I do think you would have to be a more than aver­age disc golf play­er to get the most out of this book and I am not sure if I meet those require­ments. It was an enjoy­able read, espe­cial­ly while play­ing a solo round of dis­c­golf and try­ing to apply the lessons as soon as I heard them. I think this is true for many applied-type of books, ones that involve ‘mind­less’ tasks, like run­ning and cook­ing. I mean, I can’t wait to read the Kitchen con­fi­den­tial while mak­ing some nice stews.

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