Review: S‑Town and the Art of Pod­cast Music

S-Town and the Art of Podcast Music
S‑Town and the Art of Pod­cast Music by Roby
My rat­ing: 5 of 5 stars

Even though most peo­ple would­n’t clas­si­fy this as an audio­book, I think it does. I mean, it does­n’t mat­ter, I just want­ed to write a quick review about this great and grip­ping sto­ry, not all that unsim­i­lar to the stranger in the woods by Michael Finkel. The main char­ac­ter was fas­ci­nat­ing and res­onat­ed with me strong­ly. The lit­tle facts about clock­mak­ing and the ref­er­ence to oth­er lit­er­a­ture were nice details that added to the expe­ri­ence. The audio record­ings just made it super vivid and I wish more non-fic­tion books were done this way, although I under­stand it is very dif­fi­cult to pull off. One of a kind!

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