Review: The Fat Switch

The Fat Switch
The Fat Switch by Richard J. Johnson
My rat­ing: 5 of 5 stars

An insight­ful book about the var­i­ous ways fruc­tose wreak hav­oc on the human body. You could almost see it as an anti-nutri­ent, if sup­plied in a high con­cen­tra­tion. Like all sub­stances, the dose makes the poi­son. After hear­ing about the con­cepts in the pod­cast of Peter Attia, I want­ed to learn more about the research that Prof. Richard John­son and his col­leagues had done to sup­port his claims. Sur­pris­ing to me were the rela­tion­ship with yeast and uma­mi foods to uric acid and its fur­ther effects on blood pres­sure. I will def­i­nite­ly reread parts of this book in the future.

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