Review: The Incom­plete Book of Running

The Incomplete Book of Running
The Incom­plete Book of Run­ning by Peter Sagal
My rat­ing: 5 of 5 stars

Uplift­ing book from an uplift­ing author, despite the tough per­son­al peri­od that he had to go through.
The book gave me a new per­spec­tive on run­ning, the abil­i­ty to do it for oth­ers and to find joy in such a sim­ple activ­i­ty.
I had nev­er heard of the pod­cast, of which the author is a host and I will for sure check it out, since I did quite enjoy the type of humor, it was sub­tle but bru­tal at the same time. Because of this book, I signed up for the local run­ning blind organ­i­sa­tion, that con­nects (near)blind peo­ple with vol­un­teers that would like to help said peo­ple to go and run again and let the oth­ers be their eyes. It makes me feel good, know­ing some­thing like this exists and makes me less anx­ious to become blind.

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